Natalee Holloway's Body Found? Natalee's Father Convinced Photographer to Speak Out

The October 2009 underwater photo provided by John F. Muldowney. (AP Photo/Patti Muldowney)
The October 2009 underwater photo provided by John F. Muldowney. (AP Photo/Patti Muldowney)

LANCASTER, Pa. (CBS/WHP) Divers in Aruba have halted their search for Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teen who disappeared in 2005, until they can better pinpoint exactly where a picture was taken that appears to show human remains on the ocean floor - but they wouldn't have been searching at all if one man hadn't come forward with the picture.

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John Muldowney and his wife Patti were on vacation in Aruba when they took the now famous photo during a scuba expedition. Muldowney went to his local paper, the Lancaster Journal, and turned the photo over to the FBI, but was reluctant to go to the national media. One call changed his mind.

"The dad called me. Because we weren't going to go on CNN or Nancy Grace," Muldowney told WHP. David Holloway convinced him that stepping out into the national spotlight would help goad the Aruban authorities into action.

And it appears to have worked. Aruban authorities decided to renew actively searching for Natalee's body, sending divers out to once again comb the ocean floor for her remains.

The search has been hindered because the Muldowneys can't recall exactly where along the Aruba coast the pictures were taken - they didn't realize what they had until they got back to the states - and so far police have not been able to locate the tour guide who led the scuba trip.

Muldowney is convinced that the figure in the picture is more than a rock formation and hopes that the divers are able to find it regardless of whether it turns out to be Natalee or not.

"If it's someone else's person, they'll have closure. But it would be nice if that is actually going to be her remains."

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