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Nashville man arrested nearly 500 times since 1994

NASHVILLE -- Police say a Tennessee man has been arrested nearly 500 times, almost always for public intoxication.

The 492 charges filed against Robert Brown span from 1994 to this past Tuesday, when drivers spotted him seated and allegedly drinking near a highway ramp.

When police arrived, Brown was still allegedly drinking from a 40 oz. bottle, and five additional empty bottles were found nearby.

The Davidson County District Attorney's Office wrote that Brown is familiar to local officers.

"The defendant sits in the same spot almost every day and becomes intoxicated until police come and arrest him," wrote prosecutor Peter Finnegan in an affidavit. "The defendant was taken into custody based on the reasonable likelihood that the offense would continue as well as the defendant being too intoxicated to care for his own wellbeing."

The charge was dismissed Wednesday, according to court records.

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