Who stole 80 tons of road salt in Ill town?

About ten days ago, 80 tons of road salt was piled up in this shed belonging to a Naperville, Ill. snow removal outfit - but somebody "snuck" away with it:
CBS Chicago
NAPERVILLE, Ill. - It's a brazen case of a-salt and thievery.

In this winter of discontent for so many, somebody made off with 80 tons of road salt in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, apparently trucking it away from a private firm's storage shed, according to CBS Chicago.

It all belonged to Steve Miller, Inc., a snow and ice removal company, whose owner - Steve Miller - admits access to the unlocked shed was a breeze.

But who drove away with 80 tons of road salt?

“We’re suspecting they used a dump truck and maybe some kind of skid loader,” says Naperville Police Sgt. Bill Davis.

Miller says the de-icer is at a premium right now, in demand and expensive during this miserable Midwest winter. He told CBS Chicago the cost per ton has tripled since the beginning of salting season.

He says the stolen salt - which would fill about 80 bathtubs - is valued at about $10,000 and would cover two to three salt applications.

Police were checking security cameras near the pile, hoping for clues.

Whoever took it did so with a lot of grains of salt.