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Name Dropper

Sean "Puffy" Combs is looking for a fresh start - and one way he's doing that is to change his nickname to "P. Diddy."

Combs discussed the huge impact of his recent trial, personally and professionally, with MTV News Correspondent Sway Calloway in an extensive interview. The rap mogul was acquitted earlier this month of bribery and weapons charges, related to a nightclub shooting. Calloway told CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson that Combs decided to talk now because he's relieved.

"He's free," Sway said. "He probably took a breath, took some time out with his family, and he wanted to actually thank his fans. He wanted to tell his story. He hadn't had a chance do that. He had a gag order during the course of the trial."

The name change will be on his new album, Combs says, adding that "P-Diddy" is a less-known nickname he's had. He can even envision a name change ceremony.

Combs told Calloway he went to the nightclub in December 1999 to have a good time. "We leave the club," Combs told Calloway. "There is a commotion. Next thing you hear, you hear some gunfire. We get pushed out of there. Next thing they pull our car over. Next thing we're in handcuffs. Next thing, you know, I'm, like, what are you all doing?"

"I didn't have a gun," Combs said. "Jennifer (Lopez) didn't have a gun. What are we doing here? I mean, come on, can we talk about this? There was really no talking about it. There were news cameras outside, and it was popping from there. It was like guilty before innocent. It wasn't even really, like, investigated. It was just, like, let's run with this. The media is outside, and let's keep it going."

Combs sees himself as a victim. Calloway said what Combs regrets doing the night of the shooting was going to the club instead of staying home with then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

"If he regretted anything, probably it was that decision," Calloway said. "But from the beginning he claimed he never had a gun. And he really didn't understand why he was in the courtroom for six weeks."

Combs told Calloway that he'll always love Lopez. "We're regular people and ...sometimes relationships don't work out. But for me, she's somebody special. She is different than a regular relationship that I've ever had."