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N.J. Gov. Christie takes to Twitter to defend Ebola policies

The governors of New York and New Jersey came under heavy fire after being the first to implement a policy of mandatory quarantines for healthcare workers exposed to the Ebola virus arriving in their states.

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie has been adamant in his defense that it is both his right to do it, and that it is the right thing to do.

One of the ways he has been expressing this is through his Twitter feed.

A look at the governor's Twitter stream shows that the Ebola outbreak and his response has dominated The Garden State's political discourse for the last week, especially after a nurse was forcibly quarantined in Newark upon returning from volunteering in West Africa, despite testing negative for the virus.

Christie's last non-Ebola-related tweets appear to have occurred on Oct. 16, when he retweeted a request of an ALS victim's family member, as well as tweeted out support for paralyzed former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand.

On Monday, he tweeted the entirety of a press release from the New Jersey Department of Health announcing they had decided to discharge the quarantined nurse.

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