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Mystery of Piano on Miami Bay Sandbar Solved

MIAMI -- A 16-year-old looking to beef up his college application says he's responsible for the grand piano that mysteriously showed up on a sandbar in Miami's Biscayne Bay.

The Miami Herald reports that Nicholas Harrington - son of "Burn Notice" production designer J. Mark Harrington - planned to make a promotional video using the piano -- on the sandbar -- to include with the application.

The plan went awry due to what the newspaper calls a New Year's Eve prank, when partygoers lowered the piano into a canal and set it on fire. The next day, the family placed it on a 22-foot fishing boat and dumped it on the sandbar, where it was set ablaze again.

The Herald story links to a video that shows Nicholas Harrington on the boat with the piano.

Last week, an area resident noticed the piano and took pictures of it, National Geographic posted the shots on its website, the Herald ran a story about it -- and the piano mystery went viral.

Jeff Glor had the story, on "The Early Show":

Sandbar Piano Mystery Solved