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Mystery hero who made daring fire rescue meets man he saved

The mysterious Fresno fire hero has now been identified as Tom Artiaga
The mysterious Fresno fire hero has now been ... 00:57

A mystery man who rescued an elderly man from a burning home in central California came forward Monday and met the man he saved.

Video captured the unidentified man wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers cap running into a burning home in Fresno and coming out carrying a man over his shoulder as flames popped and exploded behind him. He left before anyone could thank him or even learn his name - until Monday.

Thomas Artiaga told CBS affiliate KGPE that running toward fire was simply the right thing to do.

"I've seen the daughter, the niece trying to help him out and get him out and he couldn't really walk that well so I just picked him up and carried him out," Artiaga told the station.

Artiaga had an emotional reunion Monday with the man he saved, 73-year-old Robert Wells, KGPE reported.

"After he got me out of there and I told him 'let me down,' I realized what he'd done so he helped me out tremendously," Wells told the station.

The rescuer managed to sneak away after carry... 01:50

Wells suffered nothing more serious than smoke inhalation.

One woman had no idea of the drama that would unfold when she stopped her car to record the scene on her cell phone, CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reported.

"I do remember this man in a blue cap, just very calmly walking toward where the house was, where the fire was and just very calmly starts walking back there and I just kept filming," Beth Lederach said. "And the next thing you know, there he is coming back out of the house carrying this man."

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