My Therapist is Dating My Wife! No Joke, Patient Sues Shrink for Two-Timing During Divorce

NEW YORK (CBS) Steven Kay turned to his therapist, Dr. Harvey Rosenberg, for help when his wife asked for a divorce. But the help he got from "the good doctor" was not what he had in mind.

Kay told ABC News that after almost eight years of therapy he discovered that Rosenberg, of Farmington Hills, Mich., had begun dating his ex-wife, Laurie, while he was treating Kay for depression over the divorce. Now Kay is suing Rosenberg for "medical negligence" and for violating the "applicable standard or psychiatric care," reports ABC.

"It was the worst betrayal I've ever experienced in my life," Kay said. He said he knew his ex would eventually date, but "never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think it would be [Rosenberg]."

Kay was growing more and more depressed and having difficulty functioning because he was so heartbroken over the divorce. All of which, he was telling his therapist.

Kay says he isn't sure when his therapist started dating his ex-wife. However, he does know that his therapist "advised" Kay to accept the divorce and agree to a settlement.

According to ABC, court documents say, "Dr. Rosenberg apologized for hurting Mr. Kay and admitted that his actions were wrong." "He told Mr. Kay that he was in a loveless marriage, that his time was limited due to lung cancer, and that he wanted to experience happiness."

Kay spent over $87,000 for treatment with Rosenberg over eight years, and now he wants that money back.