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My Taste of TED with Jamie Oliver

I admit it - I'm in love with TED!

I first discovered TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) online when I stumbled on their catalogue of videos featuring speeches (known as TED Talks) from the world's most influential and innovative thought leaders.

The non-profit, devoted to "ideas worth spreading," was founded in 1984 and has since organized a yearly super-exclusive conference, where the community comes offline and many of these talks take place. I officially got my first taste of TED at this year's conference in Long Beach, California. Sheryl Crow, James Cameron, Bill Gates and Sarah Silverman are just some of the speakers on the list - not including attendees like the founders of Google and Twitter, Will Smith and Cameron Diaz. Let me tell you, being there is like being a kid in a candy store of ideas! You just want to see, hear, meet everyone and experience everything!

The TED Prize, which began in 2005, awards recipients $100,000 for organizational support and a "wish to change the world" on stage during the conference. Chef and activist Jamie Oliver was awarded this year's prize, following previous winners including former President Bill Clinton, rockstar/philanthropist Bono and Marine Biologist Sylvia Earle. Oliver's wish? "To create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity." A big goal, but perhaps not too big for the 34 year old, who recently got the U.K. government to promise $470 million to improve school food quality.

I caught up with Oliver after he delivered his passionate speech. We spoke about his wish, his upcoming ABC show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" and how he's hoping to change the lives of Americans and what they eat:

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You can watch his entire speech below:

For more on TED go to TED.COM

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