My Summer With Katie

How did you spend your summer vacation? Brittany Jones-Cooper spent 10 weeks here in New York City as Katie's intern. Before she heads back to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to start her senior year, we asked Brittany to blog about her experience. – Ed.
In Nebraska we take things slow. We drive slow, we talk slow and we take months to plan a vacation. So you can imagine my surprise when I was told that I had two weeks to get a plane ticket and fly to New York City!

I had been selected to "Be Katie Couric's Intern" through CBS's "Springboard" program. This was a dream come true. The first day I walked into the newsroom, I was anxious and tired from a long day of orientation. Then I met Katie. She welcomed me with open arms (literally!). She promised a fun and great summer, and she didn't let me down.

The last 10 weeks seem like a blur. The days can get long, but every Monday I looked forward to what lay ahead. In addition to working with Katie, I was also given the opportunity to experience what life was like at "48 Hours," "60 Minutes" and of course, "The CBS Evening News." I've talked one-on-one with correspondents, editors, writers and producers. I can honestly say that the people working at CBS are some of the most talented people I have ever met.

Interning at a network has made me realize how young I really am -- but in the best way possible. It is easy, at 21, to think you know everything, but being here has taught me otherwise. For instance, I like to think that I have a way with words. Then I met Katie Couric. Katie has the most extensive vocabulary -- now I want to read a dictionary! Seriously, it has made me want to become a better writer -- which will in turn, make me a better journalist. It is these little things that I will take away from the internship.

As much as I don't want my time here to end, I am excited to get back and finish my last year of school in Nebraska. I am more motivated than ever to pursue a career in journalism. I have faith that if I stick to my guns, I will reach the same level of success as some of the people I have met this summer.

And if I ever doubt myself I will remember the words of "48 Hours" Executive Producer Susan Zirinsky, from the workshop she presented to interns.

"Be true to yourself and you'll succeed," she said. "And it doesn't hurt to give up holidays."