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My Impressions

As he drew Manhattan and the surrounding area from memory after a brief fly-over, Stephen Wiltshire let "Early Show" viewers in on his thoughts:

Friday, Oct. 30, 2009

Wow! I signed my work today and Kelly Wallace from CBS interviewed me live on air for the last time. She's great! All the crew, Joe (Long, the producer) and the Pratt Institute team all came to watch me sign my work, and they clapped and congratulated me. I felt very pleased.

For the afternoon, we went to the NYC Police Museum at South Street Seaport. There, I found a 1972 Plymouth Fury and I got my sister to take lots of photos of me next to it. I was so excited! I had a great afternoon.

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These are the things I bought:

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New York City School Bus International
1963 Chequered Taxi Cab
New York City Bus GM Fishbowl Blue and White
New York City 4D puzzle
Flashing postcard of Statue of Liberty and New York skyline with fireworks in the background

Went back to the hotel to relax and reflect on my day and draw in my sketchbook.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who came to say hello and watch my progress in Brooklyn. I appreciate it very much. I've had a great time and feel very welcomed. Thank you New York. I'll be back!

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2009

Before lunch, CBS arranged for me to go to see a fire truck in Brooklyn. I was so excited; I had my camera ready in my hand to take pictures of my favourite fire truck. The firemen were great. They welcomed me into their station and I took pictures with them and I also drew the fire truck on site. It was cool!

After lunch, I continued on my panorama, and many students came to see. Some of the students were in costume dress. It was colorful, and I took my picture with some of the students.

I finished my panorama now and I feel great! Tomorrow, they will film me live on-air when I will sign my New York masterpiece.

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009

What an eventful day! Many people came to see me today, took pictures of me, I signed an autograph for a man who came yesterday and today. I was given flowers and a card which I read out while being filmed by CBS. It was a great feeling to receive this and in return I gave them my booklet showing my recent work and a 2010 calendar which we've just printed. They were very touched and pleased.

The progress of my work is going very well, I'm nearly at the end. All those who have come to see my work are in awe and think it's amazing and that makes me feel happy. I feel good inside.

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009

I had a great day today. I was interviewed yesterday and today by CBS and I was live on air and I felt great! I'm really pleased with the progress of my work; it's all coming together now.

Lots of people came to see me and I pointed out the different areas of New York in my panorama. I'm working really hard because I must get this finished in time.

Called Mum this evening, told her about my day, missing her and my brother-in-law, Zoltan, a lot. I'm going off to have my dinner, not sure where that will be, but I think I'll have a steak.

Monday, Oct. 26, 2009

Today was the first live show for CBS. Woke up at 5 a.m., and it was still dark.

Lots of journalists came to see me and my work. They asked me questions and liked it when I did my New York accent. It made them laugh.

I worked really hard today. Got lots done. I felt really excited, and I am very pleased with my work. I drew the whole of New Jersey and put more detail on Manhattan. I think I will do the Financial District tomorrow.

My sister, Annette, and Chris (who works for the Stephen Wiltshire Gallery) took me to the Empire State Building restaurant for lunch. Went shopping and bought an NYPD T-shirt and cap and a Chrysler Building model, because it had lots of detail on it. Strolled back to the hotel and on the way went to a toy shop. I was looking for a particular car model, which was a Johnny Lightning 1978 Chevy Impala Sedan 1.64. I didn't find it, but very happy with my cap and T-shirt.

Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009

We have been in New York since Thursday preparing for my last panorama. I was very excited when we arrived in New York and then left JFK airport - I could see the skyline as we drove into Manhattan and it was fantastic.

On the first night, Joe from CBS took us to the Time Warner building. I like it there because it is very very modern and it has a shopping mall inside. We went to a restaurant and I had a New York strip steak. It tasted real good.

I went up in a helicopter on Friday so that I could see all over New York and remind myself of the different buildings. We then went to the top of the Empire State Building before going to Time Square for lunch at Planet Hollywood. I enjoyed getting my picture taken with the shirt worn by Raymond Babbit in Rain Man.

We arrived at Pratt Institute on Saturday and saw the gallery space for the first time. I like it, there's lots of light and it's a nice place to work. I was very happy when we drove back to our hotel from Brooklyn in the evening because I could see Manhattan all lit-up -- it was beautiful.

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