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"My Drunk Kitchen": I scream, you scream, we all scream for alcohol

(CBS) - Cooking shows are all alike, right? Wrong! The world of demonstrative cooking is as varied as it is deep. A quick perusal of the Food Network shows the wide array of programming you can do with food. And that's even truer online.

Meet Hannah Hart. She's a drunk chef. Well, she's not really a chef. She sure does like the sauce though. Let's watch the latest episode of Hannah's show "My Drunk Kitchen" and learn how to make ice cream! Or at least have a drink or two.

Simple, right? "It's more than meets the eye... scream."

We try to be objective here at The Feed, but seriously, this woman is a treasure. Check out her website for more info. Or follow her on Twitter and send her your best hangover cures.

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