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Must Be a Page Fault

Hello, tech support.

Hi, I've got an annoying problem here with the PC I just bought six months ago.

What kind of problem are you having?

For the last two days it has been beeping every couple of minutes. It's driving me crazy.

Maybe there is something touching your keyboard or a key is slightly stuck. Let's try tapping it gentlyÂ…and checking the keys.

Okay, but I've been able to type without any problems. In fact the computer works fine except for the beeping.

Let's try shutting it down for a minute.

Okay, but I don't know if that's going to fix it.

Let's make sure the printer and everything else is off to. If you have a power strip turn it off.

Okay, it's down on the floor. Just a second. So that's where the damn thing went.

What thing?

My pager.

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