Muslim Wife Slashed Husband's Neck Over Booze, Pork and Miniskirts, Say Prosecutors


NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Prosecutors in New York say a devoutly religious Muslim woman, Rabia Sarwar, slashed her husband's neck after he introduced her to booze, pork, and miniskirts.

Sarwar's defense lawyer says his client was "emotionally abused" and forced to violate her religious beliefs.

Sarwar is free on bail after appearing in a Staten Island court Thursday on attempted murder and other charges.

Her lawyer, Joe Licitra, said Sarwar's husband "got her to drink alcohol, eat pork" and wear clothing that violated her Muslim beliefs.

Sheikh "Eddie" Naseem, who has surface wounds on his neck, face and hands, said his wife needs psychological help. Licitra said Sarwar was previously treated for depression.

Naseem told the New York Post that Sarwar, a native of Pakistan, was having a hard time adjusting to American culture.

Said Naseem: "There was no gun pointed to her head to do these things."