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Music and health research mix in hypnotizing video (with a rap meets science bonus)

(CBS News)  Here at The Feed we love music so much that we have a post each week dedicated to some of the best stuff out there. And we also happen to love and blog about  science, research and all things educational. So this post is going to focus on a mix of both these passions starting with the music video above that uses MRI scans for a good reason and cause. Check it out.

The music video directed by Adam Powell is for the band Sivu's song "Better Man Than He" and who write about their reason for the MRI imagery:

The video is a collection of data gathered from MRI scans and inspired by research into improving the management of children born with cleft lip and palate. The research carried out at St Bartholomew's Hospital is funded by Barts and the London Charity and CLEFT, a small London based charity.
I've just recently been obsessed with the idea of capturing images without conventional cameras/lenses - This seemed like a perfect opportunity to capture something somewhat unique and take a glimpse into an amazing & fascinating world.

How cool is it to see music, science and a cause come together? Very cool, in our humble opinion! If you'd like to learn more about St. Bartholomew's Hospital be sure to click here and for more about CLEFT click here. And if you like science as much as us, then I hypothesize you will probably dig this next item from YouTube user comaniddy who breaks down the difference between theory and hypothesis through the medium of rap in the music video below. Enjoy!