Museum-boss-in-chief Heads Home

The archivist who has brought us two of the hippest presidential libraries and museums--those of former Presidents Bush and Clinton--is retiring to direct the Museum of Mobile in Alabama. "You know when it's your time to move on," David Alsobrook tells us.

For nearly 30 years, the National Archives and Records Administration exec has put his stamp on presidential legacies. First with former President Carter's library, as an archivist. That made sense since he worked with Jimmy's team, like ex-speechwriter Chris Matthews.

He even watched the signing of Carter's legacy achievement, the Camp David peace accords. He eventually ran the Bush and Clinton facilities. Alsobrook could probably build the current president's library and museum in his sleep, but he says his roots are calling him home.

Alsobrook does have some advice for future presidents: Get eye-popping stuff, like the vintage Air Force One at Ronald Reagan's facility. "That's got to be the coolest artifact in the system."

By Paul Bedard