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Murkowski: Impact Of Investigation On Palin Unknown

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who has had a sometimes strained relationship with Sarah Palin, praised the governor as a "tough Alaskan woman" -- but conceded the ongoing probe into Palin's firing of a state official could be a real wild card. 

Alaska's former public safety director says he was fired in July by Palin after he refused to dismiss the governor's former brother-in-law, who had been accused of making threats during a messy custody batle with Palin's sister.

A state probe of the allegation is due to be completed a week before the general election. 

Asked about its impact, Murkowski said, "We really don’t know. The governor doesn't know, you know she sort of started her own investigation, encouraged it. I don't think any of us really know – I certainly don’t know—that's still unfolding."

In 2006, Palin, running as a reformer, unseated the Senator's father, Gov.Frank Murkowski.

After the election, Palin made national headlines by auctioning Murkowski's state jet -- which had become a symbol of government excess -- on Ebay.

Murkowski said she harbors no ill will, but added, "Politics is politics. Everybody has a different approach. I, for one, would have taken a different approach but she had a agenda that was very timely in Alaska."

The senator, speaking on a cellphone from the Alaska state fair, said she would shortly be "unveiling the new Alaska state quarter... and covering for Gov. Palin," who cancelled her appearance for her big announcement in Ohio.