Murdered Teen Found Naked in Paradise

(Family Photo)
Family Photo: Iris Kaikana-Rodrigues.

Honolulu, HI (CBS) Honolulu police have a mystery on their hands. How did a young woman's dead naked body end up in an alley behind her apartment complex and how did she die?

A woman picking flowers in the easement between her house and an apartment complex came upon the lifeless body of Iris Kaikana-Rodrigues, 18, early Monday morning, according to police Lt. William Kato of the Honolulu Police Department.

CBS affiliate KGMB spoke with Tony Rodrigues, the girl's grandfather, who said that she was a good girl who graduated from McKinley High School and was working at a downtown restaurant. Kaikana-Rodrigues lived with a friend in the Kamehameha Homes Housing Center, near where her body was found. "She didn't fool around drugs, I'll tell you right now, that much I know," Tony Rodrigues said. "Not one of them. Not one of them fool around drugs."

Police say that neighbors had reported a commotion in the area sometime between 10 and 11 p.m. Sunday night.

"Right now we're not too specific if it was screaming, or if there were any kind of struggle, if it was a male or female voice that was heard," Honolulu Police Maj. Clayton Kau told KGMB.

Kaikana-Rodrigues was last seen around at her apartment with friends on Sunday night after returning home from work.

Lt. Kato said that there were no obvious sign of trauma to the body aside from minor abrasions, and that cause of death could not be immediately determined. Police are awaiting the autopsy results, but for now are investigating the death as a homicide.