Murder of an American Nazi

Lesley Stahl reports on the murder of a neo-Nazi leader by his 10-year-old son

She quickly honed in on Jeff Hall.

[Hall: Jeff, nice to meet you.]

Jeff Hall cultivated a sense of family among his new recruits. Holding his monthly meetings at his house, with the kids around, including his son Joseph.

These gatherings were a strange mix of Nazi propaganda.

[Hall: That's how we apply what we learn from "Mein Kampf."]

And party games. A birthday celebration topped off by -

[Recruits: Happy birthday! Zeig Heil!]

Jeff's mother Joann Patterson went to some of her son's meetings, despite abhorring her son's politics.

Joann Patterson: I wanted to make sure it was okay for my grandkids to be there. And I had a great time. It looked like any barbecue in any backyard in America. The food was great.

Lesley Stahl: But they were Nazis. We're just sitting here talking about Nazis.

Patterson: I know, it's crazy.

Stahl: They're in your own family.

Patterson: I know, it's crazy, huh?

Stahl: "My son became a Nazi."

Patterson: Yeah. A Nazi leader!

On Saturday, April 30, her son, Jeff held what would be his last get-together. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, to the extent this is ordinary.

[Joseph Hall: I'm going outside...]

10-year-old Joseph was running in and out of the house. All the kids were. Dad even took some of them to see his Nazi glow in the dark t-shirt - with its SS insignia.

[Hall: Ok, come here - close the door

Kid: Wow!

Hall: It's the little things in life!]