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Murder Mystery Yields Arrests

Nearly a decade ago, Ellwood and Shirley Setters were shot and stabbed in their Indiana home, the scene as mysterious as it was gruesome.

Since that day, Brian Setters has led the call to find his parents' killer, reports CBS News Correspondent Diana Olick.

This week, a grand jury finally answered Brian's call. They indicted him.

"Everyone that knows Brian Setters knows this man is innocent," said Brian's brother, David, who was also arrested for allegedly helping Brian cover up the crime. "I wouldn't lie if I knew that he killed my parents."

In the state of Indiana, a prosecutor does not have to prove motive, only that a defendant intended to, and did, commit murder. The county's prosecutor admits this is an entirely circumstantial case, but she adds, it's the strongest case of its kind she's ever seen.

"This was a situation that was not necessarily preplanned or premeditated, and so it could have had a lot of different motives playing," said Hamilton County prosecutor Sony Leercamp.

One possible motive might be the small insurance company that Ellwood Setters owned, and which his sons now run.

As for why this case took so long, the prosecutor says there is no new evidence, no new witnesses. They just re-did some interviews and reviewed the file.

They were left with two brothers and a decade-old defense.

"There's something that Setters just do not do: We do not lie, and we do not kill anybody." said David Setters.

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