Mumford & Sons release stunning new music video

(CBS News) I know, I know, it's the very first day of the week and I'm already ruining my ongoing resolution to hold off on posting up music until the Friday Music Round-Up. But do you realize how far away Friday is right now? And we are talking about Mumford & Sons here... so without further ado, check out their stunning new music video for the single "Whispers In The Dark" above.

Okay, so now do you see why I couldn't wait until Friday to post this one up? I mean, it's seriously just so good! The song positively gives me shivers, and the cinematography depicting four different perspectives and the moments that meet is like visual poetry (at least to me). Another phenomenal piece from a band that has earned a rightful claim to legendary status, and continues to blow all of us here at The Feed away with their work. And to check out more incredible music videos from Mumford & Sons, be sure to visit their YouTube page by clicking here.