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Mulvaney says U.S. will "eventually" have another summit with North Korea - transcript

Mick Mulvaney on future North Korea summit
Mick Mulvaney on future North Korea summit 01:01


WED. MAY 8, 2019 


MICK MULVANEY: Regarding the supposed provocation—very minor. These were very minor projectiles, they were very short-term—

MAJOR GARRETT: How about the rhetoric?

MULVANEY: The rhetoric is not—

GARRETT: Pompeo, Bolton?

MULVANEY: No. Listen, the rhetoric—I'm more concerned about the rhetoric coming out of North Korea. These missiles, whatever they were, whatever you want to call them, they were very small. And not aimed at Japan, not aimed at Guam, they were aimed up the North Korean coast. So it was a very non-provocative provocation, if there is such a thing. So--

GARRETT: You're looking for ways to describe it as such, it sounds to me.

MULVANEY: Well you know, the relationship between Kim Jong Un and the President still remains good, we're still confident that we'll have additional talks, we want additional talks—

GARRETT Do you want another summit?

MULVANEY: Eventually? Yeah, I think we do. Keep in mind, the reason the President walked away last time—and I was there—

GARRETT: So was I.

MULVANEY: --I was at the table. Yeah. Was that we just got the impression that they were not really willing to negotiate. They were not willing to actually bargain. And they gave us an offer—you know, a take it or leave it offer 5 different times. And we couldn't take it, so we had to leave it.

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