Multiple charges in London bomb hoax incident

A view from an offices on Tottenham Court Road, of paper and computer equipment being thrown out of a window, where a man threatened to blow up the building with gas canisters on Friday. Armed police evacuated at least 1,000 workers in surrounding buildings.
Ben Turner / Rex Features

(AP) LONDON - Police say a man at the center of a three-hour-long standoff that closed part of one of Britain's busiest shopping streets has been charged.

Police said Sunday that 48-year-old Michael Green will appear in court Monday accused of five offenses - possession of a weapon, false imprisonment, making a hoax bomb threat, recklessly endangering lives and criminal damage.

Dozens of heavily armed police, snipers and specialist hazard teams closed off a stretch of Tottenham Court Road on Friday after a man allegedly walked into an office building, hurled computers and other equipment out of windows and threatened staff.

Armed police later led the suspect away after hours of negotiations.

Green is scheduled to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court.