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Mulder the cat opens doors, this week on The Feed!

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Check out some of the week's best viral videos, courtesy of The Feed!
Mulder the cat opens doors 02:54

This week's most popular viral videos include a dog determined to rule the couch, Kama the surfing pig, a cake decorating robot, a cat that opens doors, the noisy environment inside musical instrument stores, "Für Elise" at the airport and an AC/DC classic with a bluegrass twist.

First up, Tom Shukis shared this frantic interaction between his dog Kip and his new cat Lizzie.

Thanks to GoPro cameras, the world now has this fun footage of Kama the surfing pig. Rumor has it, the other surfers don't like him because he hogs all the good waves.

Kristian Svenson's cat Mulder figures out that he doesn't need to be human to open doors.

Check out the cake creation robot in this video courtesy of unitubefiller. WARNING: May cause cake cravings.

Shopping for musical equipment is a unique experience. And, as this video from Chodorovski shows, sometimes it's pure chaos.

Beethoven's "Für Elise" is one of the most recognizable and overplayed piano riffs ever. But, not when performed by Maan Hamadeh while waiting for his flight at the Prague Airport. He puts his own twist on it, in a bunch of different musical styles.

And, AC/DC's classic arena rock jam "Thunderstruck" gets a bluegrass makeover in this wonderfully original cover by the Finnish band Steve 'N' Seagulls.

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