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Mukasey: 'No Easy Solution' To Closing Guantanomo Facility

Mukasey declined to tell Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) that he would close the Guantanomo Bay detention facility, despite repeated prodding from Kohl to say he would do soon after being sworn in as attorney general and his own position that the prison was a "black eye" for the United States.

"I think there's substantial problems with Guantanomo, both problems in reality and problems in perception," Mukasey said. "Although people are humanely treated at Guantanomo. it's not a matter of humane treatment. It's a matter of fact we're detaining people without indicting [them], and that has given us a black eye. I understand the practicalities the president has to deal with on the question of who these people are what they are has triggered. It is substantial. The problem we have with Guantanomo is, to use a bad expression, nobody wants it."

Mukasey said that he would "prepared to recommend to the president that he take the responsive course in dealing with the people at Guantanomo. I can't simply say we have to close Guantanomo because obviously what do we with the people who are there. There is now no easy solution."

Kohl refused to let go of the issue, but Mukasey wouldn't give a definitive answer to the question -

Kohl: "Are you prepared to say to the president, 'We need to close Guantanomo as soon as we can. We have several things that need to be done so we can close Guantanomo, but Mr. President, it needs to be closed?'"

Mukasey: "I am prepared to say we need to get the best advice and the best ideas that we can and act responsibly, with a goal of closing it down."

Mukasey signaled he believed President Bush was aware of his views on the detention facility .

Mukasey said resolving the Gitmo issue is one of his top priorities, along with filling vacancies in top posts at the Justice Department.