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Mudslide damages Calif. home, thieves come next

CAMARILLO SPRINGS, Calif. - Authorities say a burglar made off with more than $11,000 in watches from a home in Ventura, Calif. that was severely damaged in the drenching storm that caused a mudslide in the area, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The victim's home was one of 13 residences "red-tagged" after the storm to indicate it was heavily damaged.

The homeowner and his daughter safely escaped the residence after mud and rock slides took over the neighborhood and chased residents out in the wee hours Saturday morning, reports the station.

Deputies explained the homeowner reported the theft Sunday after he discovered the loss while cleaning.

The crime is believed to have occurred between 2:45 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday, authorities said.

Extra patrol cars have been assigned to monitor the area in response to the crime, while residents of the red-tagged homes try to save what they have left in the aftermath of the storm.