Mud Packs For 'Race' Models

Miami models Tian Ktchen and Jaree Poteet have been one of the most colorful teams in the latest episode of "The Amazing Race."

Constantly at each other throats, they managed to patch things up by Thursday night's episode. But they still ended up behind Reichen and Chip in a sprint to the finish.

Tian and Jaree talked to The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith about their race.

Tian says she encountered difficulty when she couldn't hang onto the wooden bar during the bull race through the mud. She says, "It was so hard to hold on to it. I said, 'the thing was too big for my hands.'"

While trying several times, she says, "I kept thinking to myself, of the challenges that are out there, this one seemed so unfair."

Jaree comments, "It was for men."

Tian continues, "I ended up being the boy of the team. It was difficult."

But that was not the only difficulty they found along the way. Jaree says from the very beginning they had bad luck. And from a viewing standpoint, Smith notes, they were not very popular at first either.

Jaree agrees, "Nobody liked us." But after witnessing their trials, audiences developed some affection for them. As for their friendship, which was put in question on several occasions, Jaree says, "We're better friends than before."

Now that they have been able to watch themselves on TV, Tian says, "Every show that was on, we'd get together with all of our close friends. Every time we would fight, we were laughing about it. It was hysterical. We're like sisters. We fight and we get it over with, which is very healthy. Then you braid each other's hair."

So what was their worst moment?

For Jaree, it was on the very crowded train in India. She says, "I had four guys around me at one time, just humping me, humping my leg. I couldn't move. Then they were grabbing my breasts full on. I was panicked. I never had that happen."

She notes they couldn't get on the women's train because the cameramen were with them. But she points out, "I want to say what a great job our camera guys did."

Now that the race is over for them, Tian says about the other teams, "There's some certain people that we won't mention that have an attitude that's unfortunate. Everybody became closer knit as people got eliminated. Chip and Reichen took very good care of us."