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Mubarak Makes His Real Response

Who let the dogs out? In all of his public statements Hosni Mubarak has made plain he's not going anywhere. Even by conceding not to run for re-election he threw only the scrawniest bone possible to the protesters. Yesterday's demonstration of a million or more was peaceful. True civil disobedience. Self-organized. Self-policed. Self-fed. Today's violence in the streets was instigated by the so called pro-Mubarak demonstrators. Some on horseback. Others on camels. They went to the streets to cause trouble. And their mission was successful. Some were caught by the pro-democracy demonstrators and were found to be carrying government ids. Like he always has, Mubarak played the muscle card. This then is his real response to a week of mostly peaceful protests. Mubarak is not thinking about his people or the future. He is only thinking about himself.

Just a minute, I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.