MTV Gears Up For 'Two-A-Days'

It's Friday night in Hoover, Ala., which means Buccaneers football.

The Buccaneers are no ordinary high school team. They are featured on MTV's new reality show, "Two-A-Days," which follows their lives on and off the field.

"We came all the way down from Radford, Va., to see the Hoover High football game tonight," a group of sorority girls told The Early Show correspondent Cynthia Bowers.

They drove nine hours to see the live-action version of the show, which was shot last year. The show follows the lives of several players through their team practice, on their dates, and at home with their families. The combination of teen angst and hard-hitting sports has made it a hit: more than 46 million people have tuned in.

Most of the stars have since graduated, but quarterback Ross Wilson is a senior this year and is now at the receiving end of national attention.

"At first it was real shocking to think that my private life and football was gonna be on TV. I mean, I was very skeptical at first and I'm still skeptical about it," he said.

Ross is the star of many of the games and that fact isn't lost on his female fans. Receptionists at Hoover High, his coach and his mother have been fielding phone calls from girls all over the country.

"It's kind of a new thing getting asked for autographs and all that. But that's gonna happen, especially on a show. How big the show's gotten — you know, it's fun and you just gotta enjoy it," he said.

Whenever MTV shines a national spotlight on a community, there are bound to be criticisms, and Hoover is no exception.

Coach Rush Propst has been taken to task for his win-at-all-costs attitude and he says seeing himself on TV has been a wake-up call.

"There's things that I have done as a football coach that I'm not proud of. It's not all good, there have been warts to it. I've apologized for that and I deeply mean that," he said." It's made me look at things a little differently, too. It's made me think of things differently. It's made me a better person."

The city's mayor, Tony Petelos, said he's a fan, although he's had his cringe moments, too.

"There are parts of it I don't like, there are parts of it I wish wasn't on there. And, also, it portrays Hoover as a small city, a rural city, and that's not us at all," Petelos said. "The president of the United States watched the Hoover-Tulsa football game. I thought that was amazing."

MTV is already shooting a second season and that means more lights, more cameras and more action on and off the field, including a new star: Brandon Clear.

"You know, it's a great honor, you know, kids from last year did a great job representing our school and I'm just gonna try and carry it on," Clear said. "People across the country are coming over to get T-shirts."

It may only be high school, but the kids have become pro's at ignoring the cameras and focusing on what really matters to this community.

"We'll take the good, we'll take the bad and we'll just keep on doing what we're doing — which is winning football games," Ross' mother, Susan Wilson said.

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