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"Fortnite" gamer "Mr. Dead Moth" arrested after assaulting wife while live streaming

"Fortnite" gamer streams alleged abuse
"Fortnite" gamer arrested after streaming alleged abuse 01:46

A popular "Fortnite" player in Australia was arrested and charged with assaulting his wife on Sunday after thousands of online viewers witnessed the apparent violent incident while he was live streaming, according to Network 10, a CBS News partner.

Luke Munday, a 26-year-old gamer who goes by the handle MrDeathMoth, is accused of assaulting his wife, who is four months pregnant with his third child. In the video, she asks him to stop playing "Fortnite" to eat dinner when he leaves his chair and shouts back, "Stop, please!" What sounds like a slap can be heard and the woman begins crying.

"You hear that, all you people out there? He just hit me in the face," the woman says in the video.

Viewers on the streaming site Twitch reportedly alerted police, who arrested Munday at his Oran Park residence in southwest Sydney.

The woman was not seriously injured but told police she was "distressed" and "shaken," according to Network 10. Police said two young girls were at the home when the incident occurred. 

"I'm very grateful to those people, because I can see the community is showing that they care. Especially, believe it or not, most of them were men," the victim's mother told Network 10. "As far as I'm concerned, he should not be around children. He should not have access to children and he should not be around a woman."

Munday was charged with assault and granted bail, according to Network 10. He is scheduled to appear in a local courthouse on Thursday.

Kimberley Soekov contributed to this report. 

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