Mr. Wonderful

He Stole Their Hearts

By all accounts, Matt Mathews can be a charming, intelligent man. He could be a good listener and a good parent. He was also a master con man.

Over the years, he conned many women, stealing their hearts and then their money. 48 Hours tells the story of "Mr. Wonderful," a man who, to many women, seemed as if he could do no wrong.

A Knight In Shining Armor: Correspondent Susan Spencer investigates the tangled web of lies that Mathews relied upon to create his persona. Was he a former pro football player or a doctor? A race car driver? Or a wealthy heir?

The Cons Keep Coming: Even as he was being put on trial, Mathews continued to defraud other women. Spencer talks to one of those women to find out how she why she allowed herself to be deceived, and also looks into Mathews' past to see if she can discover what led him to such a life.

Mr. Mathews Goes To Trial: With the help of dogged detective work, Mathews is arrested once again. Find out what happened when he went on trial last year.

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Produced by David Kohn