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Moving Time

MOVING TIME....I have some news to share: on Friday, after four wonderful years at the Washington Monthly, I'll be picking up my keyboard and moving to a new blog at Mother Jones magazine. Here's the new URL:
There nothing there yet except for a welcome message, but starting on Friday, that's where I'll be blogging full time. This blog will be taken over by the tireless Steve Benen, who has guest blogged for me many times before, along with the always insightful Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings.

I'm not, as you all know, a maudlin type, but this is something of a bittersweet moment for me. The Monthly has been a terrific home, and in particular, Paul Glastris has been as good an editor, and as good a friend, as any blogger could hope for. Naturally I hope that all my readers add my new home to their bookmark list, but I also hope that you stick around and continue reading Steve and Hilzoy right here. Two blogs are better than one, right?

And before anyone asks: yes, there will be catblogging at the new site. Inkblot and Domino demanded that it be part of the contract. Hope to see you all there on Friday.