Watch CBSN Live May Target Democrats Who Support Bush On Iraq’s political action committee is close to declaring war on Democrats who support the administration’s policy in Iraq.

The liberal group announced it is sponsoring an online poll, surveying its members on whether they would support primary challenges to Democrats who side with President Bush on the Iraq war.

If at least 66 percent of its membership supports the goal, they will begin building up a war chest to help fund anti-war candidacies.

“There are a lot of Democrats in Congress who are Democrats In Name Only. They don't represent their constituents,” reads the e-mail to the group's members.. “A lot of them have been in office for years and they think that they can vote however they want. That's just wrong.”

It said it would only get involved in races where the majority of MoveOn members supported the primary challenger, and where the opponent has a reasonable chance at winning.

The results will be posted on Monday.

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