Move Over Teens: Adults Are Gamers Too

Alex Brewer is relieving some stress after a long work week, playing "Rock Band" with his "band mates" - make that "colleagues" - at a public-relations firm.

The office setting might be unusual, but the people playing are not, CBS News science and technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg reports. A new study that found more than half of adults play video games, about one-fifth play daily or almost every day.

Brewer is 39, a gamer, and proud of it.

"Video games have been around for a long time so it makes sense to me that there are people my age buying, enjoying and playing games," he said.

It's not all car-racing and sword fighting.

Gaming includes playing solitaire on the computer, or a few rounds of Bejeweled on a hand-held device. Grandma's playing, too! Seniors over the ages of 65 play more frequently than any other adult age group.

Both men (55 percent) and women (50 percent) play - like Kerry and Laura Armistead of Atlanta.

"A lot of times people laugh or are surprised that I play. Not surprised Kerry does but surprised I do enjoy it and want to do it as well," Laura said.

"We'll do date night in the living room instead of going out," Kerry said.

Despite the recession, video game sales are growing, up 18 percent over this time last year. Part of the appeal - the extra bang for the buck - even with the initial cost.

"With a video game you're paying $50 to $60 - and you can get anywhere up to a hundred hours or even more entertainment for that," said Chris Morris of

There may be a social stigma to admitting you enjoy that stuff, but at a time when people are feeling run over by the economy, it just feels good to call the shots.

As Brewer says: "If you've had a rough day there's nothing like blowing away aliens!"

Gaming console: $200. Guilty pleasure: Priceless.