Move Over Dagwood

What do you call a sandwich made of chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and french fries? Around here, it's called a Fat Darrell — and you also can call it a winning combo.

The "Fat Darrell" has been crowned the best sandwich in the country by Maxim magazine. Maxim's September issue, which lists the top 10 sandwiches, hits newsstands Tuesday.

The concoction was created early one morning in 1997 by Darrell Butler after a night of partying. Butler, a Rutgers University sophomore, conceived of the sandwich as a way to save money by combining his various cravings on one bun.

"Separately, they would have cost me, like, $12.75, and I was on a college budget," Butler, 26, of Eatontown. The Fat Darrell is named for its caloric content, not Butler, a 160-pound physical trainer and aspiring actor.

"So, I'm standing there eating it, and all of a sudden the guy standing behind me says, 'That thing that guy's eating looks pretty good, can you make me one of those?' And, it was like a movie scene, the next 10 people order the same thing. So, I'm like, 'Whoa!' like I think I might be onto something."

The man who assembled the sandwich was Abdul Eid, working in an R.U. Hungry food truck, parked in a campus lot in New Brunswick, catering to beer-soaked undergraduates with the late-night munchies.

Eid now runs R.U. Hungry Grill & Pizza, a store on Easton Avenue he was able to open in part due to the success of the $4.75 Fat Darrell.