Mouse Controller Available For PS3

SplitFish FragFX PS3 controller
Most hardcore PC gamers have always found it somewhat difficult to transition to console gaming system controllers. The new FragFX, produced by SplitFish, has made the transition somewhat more pleasant for PC gamers.

The basic layout of this controller is the right hand mouse, and a left hand grip. Also, included is a solid back mouse pad for a smooth surface. Technically you don't have to use the included mouse pad, the mouse will respond to any surface including movement on your knee, if that's your gaming style.

The FragFX can be used on any PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 game but it's best suited to shooting, driving and action games. It's perfectly suited for action first-person shooter games such as "Resistance: Fall of Man."

As far as getting all the appropriate buttons on the controller, SplitFish has incorporated every feature of the standard PS3 controller. The R1/R2/R3, START, and face buttons are on the mouse. The L1/L2/L3, D-pad, SELECT, and left analog stick are on the left-hand grip. SplitFish has even incorporated the SIXAXIS motion control for the FragFX. Essentially the left hand grip portion of the controller is used to deliver SIXAXIS motions.

The only addition is a new button called the Frag button. It sits atop the left hand grip and has an amazing feature. The Frag button's main function is to slow the movement of the mouse. In shooting games, for example, holding the Frag button will help you get far better aiming and precision targeting.

You could be moving the mouse in a rapid motion but if you are holding the Frag button, it will translate your movements as very minimal. Another cool feature incorporated by SplitFish is the adjustable sensitivity support. You can actually adjust the sensitivity of each button press to support you gaming style.

In actual gameplay, the FragFX is simple to use and does not have a huge learning curve. Even non-PC gamers should be able to pick up basic movements. Playing games such as "Doom" with the FragFX is very straightforward, and instinctive.

Getting used to the button layout is probably the biggest obstacle. It's just natural to progress from a PS1 to a PS2 to a PS3 controller because the button layout is always the same. With the FragFX, you have to get used to the face buttons being by your right thumb and the R1/R2 buttons being left and right mouse buttons. It's not too difficult, but requires a few practice moves before you begin.

The FragFX is designed to be a firmware upgradeable device. Essentially you can re-engineer the all buttons and make your own customized setting. In addition, you can even use the controller as a standard mouse to browse the Internet on the PlayStation browser.

It's a neat little controller that you will find very helpful for some games. The controller is completely universal and fits in with other PS3 peripherals. The FragFX retails for about $59.99, and can be found at your local video game retailer.