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Mourning the Wrong Girl

In a case of mistaken identity, two Arizona families were shocked as they found out the truth about two young women involved in a tragic car accident.

The family of Abby Guerra has spent the last week planning their daughter's funeral. The 19-year-old college sophomore and four friends were involved in a car crash after their SUV suffered a blowout returning from a trip to Disneyland.

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The Guerra family was first told that Abby died at the scene. But on Saturday, six days after the accident, they learned that there'd been a mix up -- it was 21-year-old Marlena Cantu who died, and that Abby was alive and in critical condition at a Phoenix hospital.

Guerra's aunt Dorenda Cisneros explained how confusing the feeling is when they found out the truth. "You're ecstatic for one -- I mean it's a miracle, but in the same, you're angry because we've mourned all week".

Friends of Cantu said her family was devastated when they learned their daughter was dead, after spending much time standing over the bed of a girl who was someone else's child.

"I'm devastated I'm disgusted that it happened this way," said Colleen Donovan, a friend of Cantu's.

Over the weekend, the Guerra family held a car wash in order to raise money for Abby's funeral. Instead, the money now will go towards her hospital bills and the funding of her friend's funeral.