Mounds of snow with nowhere to go

KEARNY, N.J. - The latest winter storm to hit the East is gone, but not forgotten.

It left 15 inches of snow in Kearny, where more snow has fallen over the past two weeks than normally does in an entire winter. Crews are running out of places to put it.

The snow is heavy, wet and exhausting to move. Steven Laray's SUV has been buried for three days. What is he doing with the snow? 

Steven Laray
CBS News
 "Just trying to get rid of it," Laray said. "Throwing it on the sidewalks, throwing it in people's backyards, throwing it on people's cars. It's ridiculous what's going on."

Icy roads narrowed by mounds of snow made driving dangerous. Thirty people were hurt in the series of accidents that shut down the Pennsylvania turnpike on Friday. Heather Pasco's car was hit by a truck.

"I looked in my rearview mirror, I saw him and I thought I was done," she said. "I mean, I thought I was done. The entire back end of my car is gone." 

Steven Laray's SUV has been buried for three days
CBS News
 Staying home could be risky too as dozens of roofs collapsed across the Northeast. The Kearny Fire Department was responding to its third cave-in on Friday.

Public Works Superintendent Gerry Kerr showed us what's left of his salt supply. If there were another big storm, would Kearny be in trouble?

"Yes, a lot of trouble," Kerr said. "We would have to actually physically close streets for the safety of the general public." 

Dozens of roofs across the Northeast collapsed in the snow
CBS News
 Four and half feet of snow this winter has forced New York City to add $35 million to its clean-up budget.  And Philadelphia, with 55 inches, has spent nearly twice what it had planned.

Eight inches of snow could fall in portions of the Northeast Saturday. Temperatures next week could hit the 50s possibly melting some the snow.