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Cuomo brings out mom for special Mother's Day message during coronavirus briefing

Cuomo celebrates Mother's Day during press conference
Cuomo celebrates Mother's Day during press co... 03:54

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo still found a way to make Mother's Day special for his mom, despite social distancing. During his Sunday coronavirus briefing, Cuomo had a conversation with Matilda Cuomo over video and expressed his love for all that she's done for him.

"Today is about love and showing love and expressing it and appreciation for our mothers," Cuomo began. "And my mother, who I cannot see today... She's stronger than I am, she's stronger than I am."

He was joined by his daughters, one of whom was at the briefing and the other two joined by a separate video feed, as they wished Matilda a happy Mother's Day. One of Cuomo's daughters, Mariah, even shared a memory of Matilda telling her about meeting the Pope. Mariah said her grandmother taught her "the meaning of family."

"Happy Mother's Day to you mom. I miss you. I love you so, so much. I wish I could be with you, but I can't be. But I can't be, because I love you. That's why I can't be with you, because I love you," the governor said.  

"I miss you too, a lot, and your beautiful daughters," Matilda Cuomo replied.

Cuomo signed off by asking if his mother needed anything. Matilda said she's "in good company," with her daughter and some of her grandchildren. "I am so blessed, as so many mothers today are. And I just thank you so much, for everything that you do Andrew, to make families better than ever. Thank you."

Earlier Sunday, Cuomo tweeted a photo with his brother Chris Cuomo, who he frequently likes to tease during his briefings. Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Love this photo of you with your favorite son, and @ChrisCuomo," Cuomo wrote

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