Mother Vs. Son In Murder Trial

When Gabriel Polk heads to the witness stand again Tuesday in the trial of the woman charged with murdering his father, he can expect much more than tough, grueling questions from the defense attorney.

As CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports, Polk will continue to be cross-examined by his mother, Susan Polk, who's accused of stabbing to death her therapist husband and Gabriel's father in the pool house of their home in the affluent San Francisco suburb of Orinda, Calif., in October 2002.

Polk is acting as her own attorney. Famed defense lawyer Daniel Horowitz, who was representing her, left the case after his own wife was killed in an unrelated incident.

"Susan Polk wants some vindication, some dialogue with her son, for him to acknowledge that that she was a good mother," says legal expert Paula Canny.

"Do you recall being a happy child?" Susan asked Gabriel early in her cross-examination.

"I remember moments of happiness," Gabriel responded.

Several times, says Blackstone, Gabriel referred to "the night you murdered Dad."

"What's clear," says Canny, "is that he is very angry at her, and every opportunity he gets to attack her, he takes advantage of that, and that's the danger of representing yourself."