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Mother Probed In Baby's Fall

Canadian police believe a woman who said she accidentally lost hold of her baby daughter in fact dropped her child from the 230-foot-high Capilano Suspension Bridge.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have released details of their investigation of Nadia Hama, whose 18-month-old baby miraculously survived the fall.

Although the mother says the baby slipped from her grasp, a search warrant filed by police to search her home alleges she tried to kill her daughter, Kaya. Hama has not yet been charged with anything.

The RCMP document says Hama's description of what happened changed several times. Before the incident, Hama had tried to offer Kaya, who has Down's syndrome, for adoption.

Police say a witness described Hama as being "berserk" following the accident, until she was told her baby was alive. Her face then went "stone cold" the witness said.

Pictures taken by a tourist show Hama before and after her baby fell. At the time, she was also holding the hand of her five-year-old son.

Hama called the baby's father immediately after the incident, and he told police she had thrown the baby off the bridge.

Police issued a plea last Thursday for witnesses who may have seen the incident on the bridge, a popular tourist spot that attracts 800,000 visitors over the Capilano River gorge.

The wood and wire suspension bridge, which shakes when people walk across it, is located in a residential neighborhood in the North Vancouver mountains.

The baby received at B.C. Children's Hospital, suffering from what were called non-life-threatening injuries. She was released this week to the care of her uncle.

It is believed that tree branches broke the fall of the baby, who ended up on a rocky ledge overlooking the river.

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