Mother of 2 killed by nanny yells that defendant is "evil"

NEW YORK - The mother of two children slaughtered by the family's nanny yelled that the defendant is "evil" as she left court.

Marina Krim shouted at Yoselyn Ortega on Friday after grueling testimony about discovering her children dead in their Manhattan apartment on Oct. 25, 2012.

"You're evil and you like this!" she said as she concluded her testimony, according to CBS New York. "You're getting pleasure!"

Krim testified that she noticed some strange behavior like rudeness and unusual glares, but it mostly made her think Ortega hated her.

CBS New York reports that Krim testified earlier that she recalled "there was a moment in the kitchen once, she was just looking at me with this glare on her face that was just pure evil. A really weird, mean look."

Yoselyn Ortega in court CBS New York

Just weeks before the killings, Krim told Ortega she was pregnant for the fourth time.

"She did one of her overly emotional things, gave me giant hug, 'Oh Marina, I love you, I'm so happy,'" Krim testified.

When that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, she testified that Ortega's reaction was very different.

"When I told her that… she didn't say anything. She gave me no emotion at all. She looked mad that I had this miscarriage," Krim testified.

Ortega's defense attorney asked Krim if she ever considered firing Ortega.

"There was nothing to fire her about at that point," Krim testified. "I was aware of her strange behaviors but nothing to fire her over."

Jurors also saw surveillance footage of the moment Krim realized her eldest daughter was not at a dance class. She sends frantic text messages to Ortega, who does not respond, and then she grabs her 3-year-old and walks out.

Ortega's lawyers say she was too mentally ill at the time of the killings to be held responsible.