Mother and daughter saved from carjacking by strangers

A woman and her young daughter are safe this morning after strangers stopped a carjacking in San Diego, CBS News correspondent Bigad Shaban reports.

A carjacker broke into the driver's seat of their minivan and took the keys while the mother and daughter were still in the vehicle, but a group of bystanders jumped in to stop him.

Aaron Leaf shot it all on his cell phone.

"I see a guy in the backseat choking out the driver," Leaf said. "And there were a couple other people at the window that were grabbing the keys from him."

Seconds later, Ismael Hernandez was dragged from the vehicle and wrestled to the pavement.

"Get your ass down, get down," one of the good Samaritans yelled.

When Hernandez tried to get up, the men didn't hold back, stomping on him, repeatedly.

"I was really just trying to figure out what exactly was going on," Leaf said. "Once I realized, I didn't really feel sorry for the guy."

The men kept Hernandez on the ground until police arrived. But even they struggled to arrest him.

Once in handcuffs, Hernandez bragged that this wasn't his first attempt at grand theft auto.

"It's not the first time homie," Hernandez said.

Emergency responders examined the woman and her little girl, as Hernandez was placed in the back seat of the police car.

He faces multiple charges including carjacking, kidnapping, and drug use.