Most British women don't envy Kate, poll shows

The countdown to the royal wedding is in the single digits: only nine days-and-counting until Prince William and Kate Middleton walk down the aisle.

And, while you might think Kate is in a position most British women would long for - think again.

A poll done by and finds that an overwhelming majority - 86 percent - don't envy Prince William's bride-to-be, and wouldn't trade places with her "for anything, simply because she will never get to lead a normal life," CBS News royal contributor Victoria Arbiter reported on "The Early Show" Wednesday.

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"We do live in an era of 24-hour news now," Arbiter continued, "so people are much more aware of what it's like to be a member of 'the firm' (the royal family). Forty-four percent said they do envy her wealth, but not quite enough to take on the top job.

"So - Kate must really love her prince!"

Arbiter also filled in "Early Show" viewers on some modest purchases said to have been made by Kate in a tony shopping area. Arbiter says retailers are already offering them online. In addition, Arbiter offered details on ceremonial guards who'll have a role on April 29, and on a souvenir wedding program that will be offered for free online the day before the nuptials.

Oh - and William's brother, Prince Harry, will be in the United States shortly. Arbiter told when -- and why.