Morning Road Map

From CBS News' Michelle Levi and Steve Chaggaris:

Obama continues his European tour today in France with a closed meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris at 11am ET before speaking to reporters. Tomorrow, Obama concludes his foreign trip in London, England where he has a meetings with former Prime Minister Tony Blair, current Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative Party leader David Cameron. On Sunday, Obama will speak to the Unity Convention in Chicago.

McCain is in Denver today where he will address the American GI Forum Convention at 1:30pm. Later, he'll hold a private meeting with Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. Tomorrow, McCain will address the Americans with Disabilities Conference via satellite from his home in Sedona, Arizona, where he's reportedly also hosting a BBQ for his senior campaign staff.


Obama cancelled a planned visit to Ramstein Air Force Base and the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Southwest Germany today. The campaign explained that the Pentagon asked him not to visit because it would be viewed as a campaign event. Campaign adviser Gen. Scott Gration said, "We learned from the Pentagon last night that the visit would be viewed instead as a campaign event. Senator Obama did not want to have a trip to see our wounded warriors perceived as a campaign event when his visit was to show his appreciation for our troops and decided instead not to go." Earlier in the day, campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs suggested a visit while on a campaign trip would be "inappropriate." McCain's campaign blasted that comment. "Barack Obama is wrong. It is never 'inappropriate' to visit our men and women in the military," McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a written statement. Obama visited military bases on his trip through Afghanistan and Iraq but that trip was officially a congressional trip paid for by the government, not a campaign trip.

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McCAIN ON THE TRAIL"My opponent, of course, is traveling in Europe, and tomorrow his tour takes him to France. In a scene Lance would recognize, a throng of adoring fans awaits Sen. Obama in Paris – and that's just the American press," McCain said at a LIVESTRONG town hall on caner in Columbus, Ohio last night where he was joined by cyclist Lance Armstrong. McCain said he would increase funding for the National Cancer Institute, but when asked if he would double it, as Obama has said, he said that liberals like to promise you things but they can't fund them. McCain later defended his recent criticism that "Obama would rather lose a war than lose a campaign," acknowledging, that "that has really fired up a lot of people, I can tell you." "But I don't think it's a lack of patriotism, I think it's a lack of understanding. So he treats the war as just another political issue. No one, no rational observer would say, that the surge has not made a difference in Iraq. The change is dramatic To say that the surge didn't matter, and had no impact on it, I think substantiates my allegation that he treats it as a political issue." Former U.S. Rep. and Office of Management and Budget Director Rob Portman, who's rumored to be on McCain's potential running mate list, joined McCain in Columbus.USA Today, "McCain to meet with Dalai Lama"

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The Secret Service requested an extra $9.5 million dollars to "cover unexpected costs of protecting the presidential candidates", AP reports. "Among other things, the extra money would be used for the added costs for the candidates' international travel and a late-in-the-game decision by Barack Obama to accept the Democratic nomination at Denver's Invesco Field at Mile High - an open-air, 76,000-seat stadium."

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