Morgan Spurlock Sells Out With "Greatest Film Ever Sold"

Miami (CBS) Over the years, we've seen the Sundance Film Festival evolve from a small-town winter wonderland for independent filmmakers and films buffs into something much larger (and some say more commercial).

As a six-year Sundance veteran, I must say its founder, Robert Redford, continues to make sure the independent energy remains vibrant and intact.

Nonetheless, the fest has come under criticism in recent years for becoming too sponsor-driven, taken over by Hollywood swag suites and star-studded, $5 million "small budget" with distribution already in place.

So it couldn't have been more appropriate for "Super Size Me" documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock to release his latest investigation at Sundance probing brands, the ad industry around them and their pervasiveness in our everyday lives.

The doc, aptly called "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" - with POM Wonderful now as the title sponsor - was financed by over 15 brands and brings viewers behind closed doors of the entire pitching process. Even Spurlock himself proudly paraded down the Park City streets covered from head-to-toe in sponsored products.

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