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Morgan Freeman talks "Madam Secretary" and why "acting is losing its sting"

Morgan Freeman on "Madam Secretary"
Morgan Freeman on "Madam Secretary," "The Story of Us" 05:54

Oscar winner Morgan Freeman has nearly 100 movie credits, including "The Shawshank Redemption," "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Invictus." He's also an executive producer of the hit CBS drama "Madam Secretary."

While reprising his role as Supreme Court Chief Justice Wilbourne on the show, Freeman also directed the season 4 premiere.

"Acting is losing its sting, its zip for me," Freeman said Friday on "CBS This Morning," as he described his foray into directing.  

Morgan Freeman CBS News

"Early on when you're getting the good character roles, you go see the character. Then somewhere along the way you become a star, and now it's all about you," Freeman added.

He said that while "we all want to be stars," fame is "a two-edged sword."

"I love directing, I really do," Freeman said. "The whole concept of being in control of a presentation, particularly a movie or a show where you're dealing with actors and crew. Crew in particular."

Freeman said former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright are fans of "Madam Secretary," but he's not thinking about who's watching when he's shooting the show.

"I don't think about who might be watching. Just, is everybody satisfied with what they're getting or doing?" Freeman said.

Watch the video above to see what kind of direction he's given to actress Téa Leoni, who plays the role of Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord on "Madam Secretary."


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