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Morehouse College students post videos on Twitter accusing staff member of sexual assault

Several male Morehouse College students have posted videos of themselves on Twitter, alleging they had been sexually assaulted by a male staff member at the school. The explosive videos went viral, and Morehouse College has responded to the allegations against DeMarcus Crews, assistant director of student services.

"So I'm finally ready to tell what happened. Since second semester of my freshman year, I was assaulted by a staff member of Morehouse College by the name of Demarcus Crews," the first student said in a Twitter video. 

The student alleged Crews made several inappropriate comments and advances, and tried to force the student to come out about his sexuality. "I don't want to go into detail about what actually happened because this video would be taking forever," the student said. He described Crews' actions as "predatory."

Demarcus Crews has been accused of sexual assault by multiple male students. He has been put on administrative leave and the school is investigating. Morehouse

The student, whose real name is not associated with his Twitter account, said he suffered depression as a result of the assault. He had not told his parents and only opened up about it to a few friends. This student was just the first to share his story about Crews.

Another Twitter user wrote a long post alleging Crews sexually assaulted him multiple times, causing him to deal with depression, suicidal thoughts and other struggles. 

A student named Bryson, who identified himself a freshman, also posted a video in which he detailed alleged sexual harassment by Crews. 

After the students made their allegations in a public space, several people – both Morehouse students as well as others – responded with messages of support.

The Atlanta school also responded to the allegations. Crews was placed on administrative leave, and Morehouse has opened an investigation into the accusations, CBS Atlanta reports.

Morehouse released the following statement to CBS Atlanta: 

"Morehouse College is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct made by students on social media. The employee mentioned in the complaints has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Maintaining a safe and secure campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors is a priority at Morehouse College. We will take appropriate and immediate action against anyone involved in compromising the safety of out community. We have demonstrated that in our urgent response to these allegations. Our support goes out to anyone who feels that they are a victim of sexual misconduct.

Our Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures provide for disciplinary action including dismissal, if any student, faculty, or staff member engages in inappropriate behavior. Incidents can be reported by calling our hotline 888-299-9540."

Morehouse also tweeted a letter from President David A. Thomas, saying that overnight they assembled the school's senior leadership to address the issue.

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