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More sweeping changes expected for Facebook

Facebook is the target of user hatred in the wake of sweeping changes to its format. However, the social networking giant was ready to unveil even bigger revisions to its interface Thursday

CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports that, whatever changes Facebook announces at its developers' conference, one thing is certain: Some users will hate it.

Friend "The Early Show" on Facebook

Hate spewed from users on Facebook about the changes the company made to the site Wednesday, about the way it presents updates from users' friends in the news feed.

Molly Wood, executive editor of, said, "People are furious that Facebook is trying to tell them which friends they care about. You know, I think the response has been: 'These are not your friends. They're my friends."'

In response to the uproar, Facebook said in a statement, "We're gathering and evaluating feedback."

Facebook may be built on friendships, but the social networking site has a habit of angering those who love it most.

And, Blackstone said, Facebook users had better brace themselves. Facebook was set to announce a major reorganization of the site that could make it a gateway for listening to music and watching movies.

Wood said, "We think they're going to roll out, in addition to their 'like' button, buttons that say 'read' 'listened' 'watched' 'want' -- things that let you more specifically tag content."

Facebook is under pressure to keep growing as it faces new competition Google's social networking site, Google Plus, opened for public use Wednesday.

Wood said, "Google is not to be taken lightly. I mean, if Google gets very serious about social, like they seem to be doing, Facebook needs to be careful."

Facebook has a lot on the line here, "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill pointed out. The company expects to take in $3.8 billion in ad revenue this year, and $5.8 billion in 2012.