More simple and amazing "life hacks" to make living easier

(CBS News) So on Monday I put up a little video with some great tips and tricks you can do to make your life a whole lot easier.  And it seems you all liked it. A lot. So what do we do here at The Feed when we see you like something a lot? We do a follow-up, of course! Check it out.

The excellent encore presentation of "life hacks" was posted by YouTube user HouseholdHacker who writes:

More Awesome & Easy tips and tricks you may have never thought of.

In this video we cover the following topics:

1. Using Alternate Batteries

2. Combat Stinky Shoes

3. Find out how much propane you have

4. Cut through plastic packages quick!

5. Pack like a Pro

6. Youtube Multi-task

7. DIY Air Freshener

8. Revive a pen

9. Open a Jar

10. Fill a bucket, easily

Another helpful and fun video that has earned HouseholdHacker a triple-rainbow salute from us here at The Feed! As before, feel free to leave me some comment love below and include any tips or tricks you've learned that might make life a little bit easier for all of us. And to check out more videos from HouseholdHacker, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.